Products and Solutions

When you choose QTS, you have access to a fully integrated platform that includes Custom Data Center, Colocation, Cloud and Managed Services. By choosing an all-in-one provider, you get a solution that’s customized to your specific needs and backed by people who put your needs first 24x7x365. That’s why QTS Piscataway is more than Data Solutions. It’s Data Solved.®



Cloud Services

In the demanding New York Metro data center market, IT infrastructure requirements are greater than ever before and continue to grow at an exponential rate. Your business requires an agile, scalable solution to keep you ahead of the rapidly evolving data landscape. QTS Cloud solutions put you in control by enabling you to customize your infrastructure to meet your current and future demands.



You want to ensure your data solution is ready for future. At QTS, we design, develop and manage our data centers with scale and for long-term ownership. This gives your business the flexibility it needs to expand in a stable, secure environment without ever having to relocate.



At QTS Piscataway, our 18 network carriers and three diverse underground fiber entry laterals do much more than transport data from Point A to Point B. Our Connectivity Solutions are key components to your business strategy by providing a fast, reliable connection between you and the outside world.

facilities management

Critical Facilities Management

QTS CFM gives you the ability to leverage our expertise and the experience that comes from years of owning and operating our own state-of-the-art data centers. With this service you’ll be able to apply our collective knowledge and best practices to your own enterprise facilities.

custom data center

Custom Data Centers

When it comes to housing your IT infrastructure, our Custom Data Services provide an efficient, cost-effective alternative to building – or buying – your own data center. You can avoid expending resources and capital that goes along with building or running your own data center. Instead, let our experts design, build, implement and host your data center for you.

managed services

Managed Services

IT infrastructures are always evolving, whether it’s your traditional, on-premise setup or a new hybrid environment. Let QTS give you a wide range of monitoring and management solutions that deliver enhanced performance and security capabilities across your hosted infrastructure.



Enterprise Solutions

At QTS Piscataway, our fully integrated solutions allow your business to meet the requirements of today’s rapidly changing business world.  You’ll also benefit from the scale and operational advantages afforded by the mega data center, while also utilizing the expertise of our staff.


Federal Solutions

Regardless of your role - agency, contractor or systems integrator - QTS Piscataway can provide a data solution for you. No matter if your building new infrastructure or transitioning to the cloud, our team of experts can create a FedRAMP-compliant IT infrastructure to support your applications while simultaneously satisfying security and compliance standards.


Financial Services Solutions

Financial institutions demand scalable IT infrastructure and impenetrable security. That’s what QTS’ advanced technology platform delivers. From colocation, cloud and managed hosting solutions to our international data center footprint, QTS is ideal for handling high transaction workloads efficiently and securely.


Healthcare Solutions

Looking for HIPAA and HITECH-compliant IT infrastructure solutions for your healthcare organization, insurance company, medical office or software firm? QTS delivers with custom data centers, colocation and cloud solutions that fit your exact needs. Plus, you’ll gain added assurance your medical data and protected health information is always secure and private, yet readily available.

high tech

HiTech Solutions

When it comes to housing your IT and network infrastructure, our Custom Data Center Services provide an efficient, cost-effective alternative to building – or buying – your own data center. Instead of expending resources and capital building and operating your own center, our experienced experts can design, build, implement and host your data center for you.

"The facility is QTS’ third New Jersey datacenter, and it strengthens the company’s ability to serve Fortune 1000 enterprises, and companies in financial services, healthcare and technology in the Northeast."